Disk not ready - specific issue

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Disk not ready - specific issue

Postby stubrownuk on Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:30 am

I am running Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon on a Dell XPS 14 with the following configuration:
- boot partition (ext4, 500MB) at the beginning of a 120GB SSD
- / partition (ext4, 30GB) after the boot partition on the same 120GB SSD
- /home partition (ext4, just under 500GB) on a 500GB internal HDD
- swap partition (16GB) at the end of the aforementioned 500GB HDD
The system has been running flawlessly for around 6 weeks for work purposes and so far has proved extremely effective.
The following problem has cropped up on previous installations on this same machine, and rather than mess around I just reinstalled the entire system (it all sits in cloud storage anyway, so no big deal).
This afternoon I installed festival and speech-tools using synaptic. All worked okay. On the next re-boot I get the following message flashed up immediately before the Login screen:
"The disk for /home is not yet ready or is not available" (or words to that effect);
however the system then proceeds to load normally and behave in exactly the same way as it always has, i.e. without problems. This is an almost brand-new machine, so I think we can reasonably rule out any SSD or HDD hardware problems. There are no residual RAID issues - dealt with all those on first installation of Linux Mint; and the BIOS is correctly configured.
The only (slightly naive) thing I can think of is that the SSD boots so quickly that the HDD perhaps has not had time to catch up with it by the time the bootloader checks for loaded partitions!
Any suggestions?
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