compatability problems (ios, win xp, vmware, mint)

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compatability problems (ios, win xp, vmware, mint)

Postby --weezl-- on Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:48 am

ok, so this laptop used to run windows, i bought an iphone, all was good, laptop crashed, os was gone, linux installed, iphone didn't get updated didn't get updated didn't get updated... so i installed vmware player, windows xp professional, itunes... itunes kinda worked, never properly, but, i was able to use a program called sharepod to get all of my music off of the phone long ago, so it was backed up, however i never transfered it from vmware player to the linux side, i've got a very small portion (5% or so) over but that's it, ALSO, i have a backup of my iphone that i did either this morning, or last night on it, right before my phone bricked it's self, which resulted in me doing a full restore, and losing everything. the most recent backup i had on icloud was december of 2011, so i am out a year and a half of phone numbers and text messages... (i did the full restore at a friend's house, and updated to the latest ios)

next problem, the virtual drive i had on my vmware player was 15gb, rather small, and i was using 14.8 of it, so it was packed, in the process of trying to increase the size, i deleted it (accidentally on purpose) and it is gone! however, the entire thing deleted in less than 2 seconds, just *POOF* gone... so i KNOW it's still on my computer somewhere, i just have to access it somehow. next, i tried to ask this question on the VMware forums, but there seems like there's a compatibility issue with their website with linux? i don't know, i log in but it doesn't show that i am logged in, and won't let me post new threads or replies... so i can't ask them exactly how to do it... i'm hoping someone on here knows enough about VMware to help me, OR possibly can figure out why i can't post on that website...

sorry for the long explanation, but felt it necessary to understand my position...

i did read a few ways to recover the virtual drive, as it's more or less a VERY large file on my linux HD, and bring it back into VMware where I can access it, but for some reason i can kinda see it, just enough i know it's there, but i can't get access into it
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