[1.6.7] desktop icons gone if other view size than 100%

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[1.6.7] desktop icons gone if other view size than 100%

Postby NOB on Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:48 pm


I am using Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon edition with the backports for cinnamon 1.6.7.

While my account works fine regarding the desktop icons,
my wife's account shows the icons on the desktop only in 100% view.
As soon as I change it to any other size, i.e. 33%, 50%, 66%, ... you name it,
the icons are simply gone !

I removed nautilus because I was hit by the nautilus vs. nemo battle over the desktop, i.e.
no icons showed up at all after the first login. A second login sometimes fixed it.

I am not sure whether this desktop behaviour was introduced by this removal or not.

I checked the preferences of nemo, I checked the theme, we have the same background image,
but everything seemed to be the same. Except for the user account name, of course.

Could it be a matter of access rights to some icon files somewhere ?
My wife account is a standard user while mine is Administrator.

Any help is appreciated.


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