Extremely slow access to samba.

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Extremely slow access to samba.

Postby whitewings on Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:45 am

I have a newly installed Linux Mint 14(64bit mate) desktop. I love everything except the following problem.

Browsing and file management through samba server via wireless is very slow.
I am pretty sure it is mint's problem, because I have a Macbook air and a windows7 laptops in the intranet, and they are working fine.

Here is what I have:
Router: Linksys E3000
samba server: pogoplug installed with arch linux arm, connected through Ethernet. (All pcs connect wireless)

Macbook air: writing file to the samba server is > 10MB/s. (good enough for me)
window7 (64bit): write file to the samba server is around 1.5MB/s.
64bit mate 14: write file to the samba server is 700KB/s at beginning, and slowdown to 200KB/s after several minutes. I also tried to cp files between the hard drive on the samba server, it's around 200KB/s.
Refreshing the folder on the server will take 1s to load, way slower than windows and mac.
Does this tell that the file manager, caja, is not optimized for net file transferring? It also tends to crash for large file (10GB each) transferring.

Another issue:
The mint sometimes cannot see samba in the "network". Is there a way to automatically load samba drives?

I am a newbie in linux world, please let me know what I need to provide for evaluating this problem.

Thank you!
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