Some issues with my MATE (Panel, Tab-key, Alt+Tab, Language)

Some issues with my MATE (Panel, Tab-key, Alt+Tab, Language)

Postby gio4 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:03 am

Hi guy's,
Hoping I am on the right section... Want to be on a section something like LMDE Mate Solving-My-Issues :D .

However I was using, after my first install, cinnamon, but I have to switch to Mate because i want to run and use the features of compiz and I was told that i Schuld use compiz only with mate or that if I use it with cinnamon "the latter will break badly". anyway.
I don't know why but using mate i have a lot of issues, some of them are listed below:

1) first of all the open aplications are not shown in the Panel!
2) the "Tab"-key are not working properly e.g. in a webpage login-dialog usually i write the UN and then i tab to the PW-field using the "Tab"-key. In my mate this isn't working.
3) Also Alt+Tab didn't work as application switcher like in some other OS. :)
4) My second language does not appear in the panel and i can't switch between the 2 languages i have installed, etc.
5) the time and date is shown in the center of the panel and I can't move it at the right-down corner as I like/want.
all the above works fine on my cinnamon!

I think that if there is a possibility to auto reconfigure, like the auto reconfigure on a new installation, this will be the best solution for me!

Hope for help!
I bless u and i wish u a wonderful day!
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