mDNS across OpenVPN Subnet-Linking Tunnel

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mDNS across OpenVPN Subnet-Linking Tunnel

Postby ChickenLittle on Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:02 am

Hi all,

I have the following setup:

- Gateway A (10.0/16)
- Gateway B (10.1/16)
- Gateway C (10.2/16)
- Misc. Clients (10.4/16)

Gateway B and C have an openVPN tunnel to Gateway A. Other clients (such as iOS devices and computer) can also connect to Gateway A through a [different] tunnel. Each gateway is set to route traffic destined for each of the other subnets across the tunnel.

So, a traceroute to a client from a 10.0/16 device would be:

- Gateway A
- Destination Device

And a traceroute to a 10.1/16 device from a 10.0/16 device would be:

- Gateway A
- Gateway B
- Destination Device

What I want to do is have mDNS repeated from each subnet to each other subnet.


A broadcast from 10.0/16 should go to 10.1/16, 10.2/16 and 10.4/16.
A broadcast from 10.1/16 should go to 10.0/16, 10.2/16 and 10.4/16.
A broadcast from 10.2/16 should go to 10.1/16, 10.0/16 and 10.4/16.
A broadcast from 10.4/16.... well, read below.

I know that I need to have a daemon running on one device on each subnet for this to work (and therefore I can't really repeat the mDNS broadcasts from 10.4/16 since that's not a physical subnet, and that's OK).

However, I need one that will repeat from one subnet to the others and not vice versa so I don't get ping-pong effects (i.e. 10.0/16 being repeated to 10.1/16 and then that subnet's repeater sending it right back to 10.0/16)

I would appreciate any suggestions - including suggestions for a better forum to which to post!

Currently, only one Gateway is set up, and it's running Linux Mint.

The others will either be other Linux Mint computers or DD-WRT routers.

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