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Postby grraf on Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:26 am

Been messing around with the new 64bit RC's and so far and i must say the mate version works flawlessly however i can't even install the cinnamon version as it gets stuck on install at : setting keyboard options phase(standard en-us) and will not move any further; also regarding the internet connection i can't seem to find the adsl option and was only able to set it up using the adsl/ppoe configuration utility(naturally the network applet still tries to make a wired connection and fails) as opposed to the mate edition in wich i could easily make a wired adsl connection via the networkmanager applet
It seems to me that the cinnamon version is still plagued by some bugs wich is a shame as i assume that it will become the default mint DE in the near future.
Regarding the mate DE i wish to ask how long it will be supported as i grown rather fond of it (after a short detour trough xfce-wich got dropped sadly) and meets my needs perfectly as its rather lite on the eye candy stuff but highly configurable.
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