Some applications returning user to login screen [MATE]

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Some applications returning user to login screen [MATE]

Postby vectroxe on Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:35 pm

I am a fairly new user to LMDE (and Linux), and I've had this going on ever since I attempted to update a graphics driver, and It was fine before then. Certain applications and services, including Firefox, the Compiz tray icon, and cinnamon have been returning me to the login screen whenever I open them. Cinnamon is not a problem because I do not use it, but it is quite frustrating because I cannot use Firefox. When I click to open the application, it hangs for a bit, turns my monitor off, then proceeds to prompt me to login. When I do, any open applications are closed, therefore I have no way to access Firefox. I am fairly sure there are other applications that will do this, but I haven't tested all of them, and opera works fine.

When I updated attempted to update the graphics driver (Nvidia), it did not work, but I reverted to the default Debian driver. after that, what I described previously has happened ever since.
I am running LMDE 32-bit with MATE and cinnamon, I have a 1.69 Ghz intel pentium 4, 1 Gb of ram, and I am running the Nvidia Geforce 2/GTS 32 Mb, AGP.
I am almost one hundred percent sure this is graphical, but it just struck me as odd how some applications are completely fine, while others aren't. I'm not sure that there is any software fix for this, and doing a quick google search i couldn't find any posts about it.
If anyone knows anything about this or might be able to help, that would be awesome, because I am a newbie and it seems my other option is to buy a new graphics card.
P.s. if this is in the wrong sub-forum I apologize.
Thank You and DFTBA.

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