Help configuring several apps

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Help configuring several apps

Postby Ham Radio on Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:12 pm

HI Guys!
I would really appreciate some help on this.

I installed LInux Mint 14 x64 KDE edition, and am having some trouble. I love KDE, however I am finding that things just seem to work better with just plain and straight Ubuntu.

1. Everpad. The Evernote client for Linux doesn't seem to work with any Ubuntu based KDE distro. I get an "API" mismatch. I have searched and searched, and have yet been able to make it work.

2. Outlook Messenger. This programs uses Java to run, and doesn't have sound in KDE, but it does in Ubuntu.

3. Skype. My calls on skype get disconnected! I have no idea what's happening. I am talking, and I suddenly get disconnected. This doesn't happen with Ubuntu.

4. GIMP. The tools on the top left corner are all messed up. I have three vertical lines and that's it! No matter if I make the left sidebar wider, or disable single windows mode I only had three vertical tool lines. Now I restarted my computer, and fixed it till I minimized then restored it.

I know I have not supplied a lot of information on exactly what is happening, but I am hoping that somebody out there might have some idea on what is going on since I am not a Linux expert. (Yet!)
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