More in the Continuing Series, Why Linux Mint is awesome

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More in the Continuing Series, Why Linux Mint is awesome

Postby igor83 on Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:02 pm

I like that my rigged was well-provisioned with apps from the get-go. Needed a torrent program today, and voila, Ktorrent was already there! I had to rig Firefox to sort out some atypical torrent tracker but all is well now.

I have been spending time on another forum lately and all those people talk about is Windows, typically using it even for old rigs like mine, rigs where they will get poor performance. And they shell out $$$ for SSD because Windows is so slow booting. Of course I :lol: but it is too bad they don't seem to know about Linux Mint and how easy it is to use. They think you need a Ph. D. to run this thing. Try to tell them different and a flamewar ensues from some guy that used Linux back in '98.
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