<SOLVED> nvidia twinview/dual monitor problems

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<SOLVED> nvidia twinview/dual monitor problems

Postby squig on Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:40 pm

Solved: Ive been wrestling with this problem for days but of course i manage to solve it just hours after creating this thread. I tried updating drivers all the way up to the latest beta (313) with no success. However, downgrading to 295.75 worked. So if anyone is having similar problems, try using a pre 3xx driver.

Hi. Ive been struggling with getting my two monitors to play nicely on my lmde install for a while now. Exhausted all my googling and tinkering abilities so im turning to the forum for some advice.

some general system info:
Nvidia driver 304
kernel: 3.2.0-4-686-pae
desktop environment: cinnamon
graphics card: gtx 560 ti
primary monitor: dvi.
secondary monitor: dvi -> vga

3d acceleration is working fine.

My problem:

When I log in to cinnamon only my main monitor will be active. Using "nvidia x server settings" (nvidia-settings) i can activate my second monitor by first disabling it and then enabling it again. These settings are not retained however when restarting x/mdm or doing a full system reboot. I do save the settings to xorg.conf

Also while starting games like lincity or supertux they will boot in fullscreen on my second monitor, even if its been disabled.

I have tried editing my xorg.conf file manually and generating a new one with no success. This is starting to get quite annoying really especially since the os has been running rather well for the last year.

Does anyone have any advice? im out of ideas :/
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