Install gets gdm, mate - no mouse, no network????

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Install gets gdm, mate - no mouse, no network????

Postby Hiero2 on Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:49 am

I do not have a working setup on this computer at this moment.

I had a working xubuntu (12.04) on a Thinkpad T60. My brother borked it - and rather than try to figure out confused went wrong, I figured to re-install. Except, I thot to give Mint a try on this box, since with 12.04 generation it has better DE options.

Live dvd works fine. Mint Maya (13), 32 bit, Mate. Install seems to work fine, no reported issues.

Installed I get a gdm (or whatever the default login mgr is, I forget) login, but no mouse. I can't use tab to move to the login type choices to choose a terminal session. But I login. I still have no mouse - no touchpad, no "stick". Keyboard only.

I install a 2nd time, this time removing the USB mouse during the process, in case the hardware detection got mixed up by it.

Same thing.

Ctrl-Alt-Fn (n=1-6) gets me a black screen, no prompt, no ability to do anything.

Tab, Ctrl-Tab, Alt-Tab - do nothing.

Ctrl-option gets me the menu, but it freezes. No good.

Ctrl-Alt-Del (of all things), held down for more than 10 seconds, gets me the popup dialogue to quit. Ok - I can do that much.

Logging in to the emergency session from grub gets me to the gui - same thing.

The network is also inoperative from the install. I started with a wireless connex, and the dvd gets it. I switched to wired, and the install STILL doesn't get it.

Whoa. I can't get to a terminal to update? Where do I go from here?

BTW, searching the forum turns up this thread - with no answers. Might be similar problem - idk.

Searching on "no mouse", in Ubuntu I find, for 12.04, that updating seems to have fixed the problem for some threads - but for that I need a terminal session.
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