Attempted dual boot of Mint 9 and XP, but no longer boot XP

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Attempted dual boot of Mint 9 and XP, but no longer boot XP

Postby whammyboy8386 on Sun Mar 17, 2013 7:29 pm

Hello, I have attempted my first dual boot and I have ran into a bit of trouble. I originally had Windows XP Home installed onto this computer. I added a second hard drive, and installed Mint 9. Much to my surprise I was able to see the OS selection screen (grub) and worked on Mint. I was downloading files onto the XP drive from Mint, but I had to bring them to the Mint drive. I couldnt access the XP drive from the Mint drive through the file manager, so I decided to boot XP. I get to the XP load screen, but then my computer will show the Blue Screen of Death and reboot back to the OS selection screen!.

I went looking for answers and really couldnt find any. Even went to a buddies house looking for help and all he wants to do is charge me or wont give and straight answers. Please help!

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