Odd UI pause every 5s in cinnamon

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Odd UI pause every 5s in cinnamon

Postby pigdog on Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:24 pm


I've installed the latest Cinnamon on a number of different machines using the LMDE + Cinnamon ISO and everything's been more than sweet. The UI is snappy (both with binary nvidia and opensource radeon), the menu doesn't seem to lag like it does for others, etc.

However, on my work laptop, which is faster than the others with dedicated nvidia graphics (GTX 560M running binary nvidia driver v304.48-1), I installed LMDE + XFCE. Wanting to run cinnamon like on my other machines I installed it via synaptic and started using it. Here comes the problem - every 5s my interface pauses for around 0.5s. A couple of observations/notes:

  • The configuration (desktop, theme, no effects, etc.) was made the same as my other machines.
  • I opened up the system monitor and saw that the CPU usage for cinnamon was running around 10% even though I wasn't doing anything. This is higher than my other machines, which have it running around the 1-2% CPU usage mark.
  • I could see the system monitor pausing (which is where I got my rough timing from). It would pause and then refresh to display the update 0.5s later.
  • There was nothing in any of the /var/log logs indicating that the system was doing anything odd.

When I switch back to XFCE everything is runs without a problem.

Has anyone else come across something like this? I'm wondering if installing cinnamon from synaptic manually instead of from the installation ISO has caused something not to be configured properly but I'm stumped. Any thoughts?
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