Problems I need to fix [wireless con., prtscr, appearance]

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Problems I need to fix [wireless con., prtscr, appearance]

Postby Ploppz on Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:19 am

Hey. I installed Linux Mint dual booting with Windows 7. Using Mate (I like Gnome because it has Docky and Compiz).

My first and most important problem is the wireless network. Sometimes I just lose internet connections in Linux Mint and I cannot reconnect before I have rebooted my computer. This bugs me so much... I notice it first when skype starts trying to reconnect, but the wireless icon says it's still signal. Until like 2 minutes, when it tries to reconnect and I give it the correct password to the router but it won't reconnect unless I reboot. The connection works really bad when I'm playing runescape as well. I have constant delays and sometimes I suddenly get a 5 sec delay. It is not like this in Windows! Sometimes the connection is just very slow. I've noticed often after I've been (trying to) playing runescape I've lost connection.

Secondly, the print screen button does not work. I deleted the "My Pictures" folder in Home because I wanted to use the same documents/pictures in linux as in windows. When I write gnome-screenshot in terminal (yes I'm using Mate), it captures the screen and saves it to my home folder.
So what I need to know: How to assign the screenshot command to the PrtScr button, and how to change screenshots output folder.

[EDIT] I just went into "Commands" in Compiz Config Settings Manager and adding a new comman "gnome-screenshot" and assigned it to the print screen button. What I still need though, is a way to set the output folder.

And last and least importantly: I don't like the light gray appearance. I don't like gray at all but if I change to any darker or other theme, I get problems like; the text of the windows are still dark and not visible etc. And by making my own custom themes I seem to only be able to change the color of the windows. Is there either an app that gives me more options, or some place to download themes to Linux Mint? I tried downloading a theme but it gave me an error.

Edit: I tried changing the top bar appearance but as you may see here it only applied to the middle, none at the right or left.
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