windows applications in crossover crash computer

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windows applications in crossover crash computer

Postby Riko on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:35 pm

Dear all,

not really sure, which forum is the correct one, so I try this ...

A few days ago, I decided to reinstall Mint on my laptop, which before was running Nadia and before Maya. Now I went for LMDE. I "live" in a windows environment and getting around just fine by using Crossover (latest version) to run MS Office. However since I switched to LMDE, I experience frequent freezes of my machine when running an MS Office application. The freeze is so complete, that I can't even switch to a TTY to kill the apllication and recover control of my desktop.

Does anybody experience something similar with CX or wine? I'm running this kind of setup since year, but this is now the first time I have problems like that. Since I didn't sufffer from that in Nadia, I suspect it's not so much a CX problem.

BTW, I mostly use gnome-shell as my DE rarely Cinnamon.

Any feedback would be most welcome. Thanks and cheers, Riko
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