Session and dockx

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Session and dockx

Postby kinu on Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:28 am

Hi all:

I'm using LM 14 XFCE edition, dual monitor setup using Nvidia nView (well, twin, I have only two :roll:).

I'm running "dockx --monitor 1", to start my dockbarx in my second monitor at login, and it works, BUT, every time I login, I get another dockx on the first monitor.

I have "save session" disabled, deleted sessions from GUI, deleted .chache/sessions... but it is doing this every time.

It's anoying to me, because I have the xfce panel in the first monitor, same position, so dockx overlap and I have to close it every login (and, I don need the same dock, same config duplicated, of course).

What I think is, enabled or disabled session saving, xfce is saving my session, and executes dockx without any parameter.

How can I get rid on this not-set-session-saving?, or How can I get rid of the second, not desired dockx execution?

If it is a bug, can I progress XFCE to the next release to fix it? And how?

Thank you in advance

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