frequent updates to boot-sav and boot-repair

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frequent updates to boot-sav and boot-repair

Postby littlenoodles on Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:24 am

In order to get Mint 14 installed on my EFI-based computer, I had to install and use the Ubuntu boot-sav and boot-repair utilities. Ever since, these utilities seem to get updated with nearly every update to my system.

Some questions:

1. Why all the updates to what seems like a small straightforward utility? Are they for security's sake, or to deal with EFI firmware variants?

2. I was under the impression that these were one-time utilities to get the grub EFI bootloader installed and to update the EFI memory to see it. So is this something I'm ever likely to need to use again?

3. I don't see any graphical tool for updating the grub config in Mint - for example, to tell it about other distros I may install later. The initial Grub installer saw an old Mageia partition on my machine that I had attempted to install prior to Mint, but which couldn't EFI boot. Mint's grub ended up with an entry that is able to boot the Mageia system under EFI - nice. But if i were to swap out Mageia for some other non-EFI aware system, how would I teach grub about that after the fact? (I'm coming off of PCLinuxOS, which had a nice boot loader configuration tool that would've made it easy).

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