SSH reverse tunneling

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SSH reverse tunneling

Postby Kent88 on Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:32 pm

I've been trying to test reverse ssh tunneling over my local network, but I'm not getting anywhere. In fact, it is just opening up a regular ssh connection.

I'm running the command from one machine (the one I want to connect to from a different machine):
ssh -R 2222:localhost:22 kent@

and it is like the '-R 2222:localhost:22' is being ignored and it is just opening up a standard connection and session to as if I typed in only:
ssh kent@
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Re: SSH reverse tunneling

Postby eanfrid on Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:05 am

You use the wrong port: the first command only activates the reverse tunnel waiting for connections on your localhost port 2222.

For example:
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user@CCCC$ ssh -R 4444:localhost:5555 user@AAAA
creates a reverse tunnel connecting AAAA/localhost:4444 to CCCC/localhost:5555. Then
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user@AAAA$ ssh user@localhost -p 4444
logs you on CCCC/localhost:5555

And this creates a man-in-the-middle using AAAA/localhost:4444:
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user@BBBB$ ssh -L 7777:localhost:4444 user@AAAA
tunnels BBBB/localhost:7777 to CCCC/localhost:5555 via AAAA and
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user@BBBB$ ssh user@localhost -p 7777
logs you also on CCCC/localhost:5555

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