Switching Desktop Environments - taskbar across monitors

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Switching Desktop Environments - taskbar across monitors

Postby t-ray on Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:00 pm

Currently running Mint14+Cinnamon. It appears that Cinnamon cannot stretch the taskbar across multiple monitors. It may seem silly, but I think this just might be a killer for me. So now I'm on the looking for other DE's that will support such functionality. I'm a linux newbie, so I just don't know.

And this leads me to the next question. I installed Mint after I installed Cinnamon, and now I have duplicate applictions: for example, there are two System Monitors, two Archive Managers, two Calculators, etc... I have removed Mate (I thought), but the duplicate apps remain. So, how do I remove these duplicate apps? And more importantly, if I install another DE, is this going to happen again?
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