Internet lags/stops and starts in mint

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Internet lags/stops and starts in mint

Postby patthelinuxuser on Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:19 pm

Hi everybody. Im sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section. Im not really new to linux and everything has always been fine so far. After getting tired of having a laptop for around 3 years I went and bought a new PC from currys. Its a lenovo and came with windows 8. As soon as I took it out of the box and set up, I installed linux mint alone, overwriting all windows recovery partitions ect. It runs very fast and well on the PC and I have always been happy with mint. When i turn the PC on it connects to the wireless right away as it should do, and always did do on my laptop too.

When im trying to browse the internet it can go very fast and normal for a few minutes, then when I click on a new link it can take ages to load and just sits waiting and spinning and will eventually load or time out. Then after a small amount of time clicking on a new link or refreshing it will be fine and lightning fast again. I thought there was something wrong with firefox so I installed google chrome but it never helped. Then i was wondering if it was just browser problems but it isnt as when I was update manager and updating all the software packages it was starting/stopping and taking ages one minute, flying one minute, slowing down or stopping for a minute. . . ect...

Being baffled I wondered was it my router or wireless internet playing up(usually theres never a problem with it though) but i thought id test it anyway so i got my laptop out and came up to the computer with the laptop too. The laptop also running mint doesnt have these problems whatsoever and everything loads fine so I really dont know. I hope its an easy enough fix and someone on here will be able to help me as ive just paid 600 for the new PC :-\

Thanks very much for taking the time to read and any input is apprechiated alot:)
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