Novatech Nspire laptop, Mint 14.1, wireless ... aaargh!!!

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Novatech Nspire laptop, Mint 14.1, wireless ... aaargh!!!

Postby alaudacorax on Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:23 pm

I'm a total newbie to both Linux and laptops.

I've been wanting to try a Linux distribution, and I wanted a cheap laptop, so I bought a Novatech Nspire without an OS and installed Linux Mint 14.1-Cinnamon-64.bit. The three or four days since I've spent trying, without success, to get it to connect wirelessly with my router; including attempting, unsuccessfully, to work through post 35 of this thread -, and to be honest, it's quite taking the shine off Mint for me.

So I have a very simple, and probably very newbie and very naive question. If I just gave up on it and bought one of those little USB wireless adapters, would it work straight out of the box or would I have a similar problem in getting that to work?

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