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KDE Sutra

Postby anandrkris on Thu May 02, 2013 1:25 pm

KDE, A Community Made of Momentum - Aaron Seigo
We just launched KDE Sutra, a KDE magazine by Muktware, to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Aaron Seigo, the Plasma project leader, has written the introductory column for the magazine launch. Here I present to you Aaron Seigo! -- Swapnil Bhartiya (editor KDE Sutra).
KDE is a community with over fifteen years of history during which time it has consistently produced one of the premiere Free software desktops. It is one thing to make a new software project sound and look exciting; it is another to maintain interest and excitement across fifteen years. It is one thing to gather a group of developers to scratch a collective itch; it is another to evolve that into a thriving community encompassing thousands of participants and dozens of companies with a healthy and vibrant culture while managing generational turnover
Yet all of those efforts pale in comparison to keeping the technology itself relevant for that long. Who uses computers, how they use them, what computers look like and their capabilities shift from year to year, let alone decade to decade.
KDE's secret to success and survival over the past fifteen years is simple: momentum. The KDE community has striven to never stop creating for today, never stop anticipating tomorrow, never stop having fun and never stop being welcoming to new people and new challenges. This pace has kept KDE moving and sustainable, but it begs the obvious question: where is this momentum taking KDE right now? ............

Read further here http://www.muktware.com/5560/kde-community-made-momentum-aaron-seigo
Edit: Incorporated catweazel's suggestion.
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Re: KDE Sutra

Postby catweazel on Thu May 02, 2013 4:06 pm

Instead of just posting the bare link, would you mind also posting an overview, or quote the first one or two paragraphs? That way people can decide if they want to bother reading further.
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