BUG: Photo Frame Desklet is BLOCKING the UI

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BUG: Photo Frame Desklet is BLOCKING the UI

Postby B.Jay on Fri May 17, 2013 5:10 am

Alright, so I installed Cinnamon 1.8.1 from the repos on Linux Mint 13 and ventured into "looking what's new".

The joy about the improved looks and the new features quickly came to a halt as I gave the Photo Frame desklet a spin (installed by default).

I just changed the Folder from "Pictures" to "Photos" (a folder containing around 300 8Mpx Camshots (from my Cellphone)) and for the next five Minutes the hard drive was being tortured (I assume Photo Frame happily went into thumbnailing?) and the UI was TOTALLY BLOCKED ... even the clock stop updating (and we're talking an AMD FX8150 with 16GB RAM here!).

I've got no idea what's going on, but a Desklet blocking the WHOLE UI shouldn't ever happen, guys ...

EDIT: While we're at it ...

"System Settings" - great that we now have two of them ... one for the Gnome System Settings and one for the Cinnamon System Settings. I guess it didn't occur to anyone to MAYBE call it "Cinnamon System Settings" or "Cinnamon Settings" to differentiate from Gnome's crap (and spare the user some guessing about which's what).

"Screensaver" - THE LOOOL of the day ... you way better call it "Lock Screen" as I don't see ANY screensavers I could possibly choose from nor do I see ANY customization option (i.e. Timeout) other than "Custom away text". Maybe someone should look into Gnome 2 to get the idea what screensavers really are (or install Windows to get the idea from there). At any rate, this wrecked my anticipation about having screensavers again...

And my pet-peeve topic: The "Mint Menu" icon still jumps around. When there's no window open (no window button in the taskbar) it's "pinned" to the very left, once you open a window so that a window button appears in the taskbar the icon jumps slightly to the right. I can post you a screenshot if you so desire showing the problem.
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