relative path with relative command

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relative path with relative command

Postby BinarySoul on Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:20 am


i need some help with linux "realtive Paths".
What i want to do:
making a launcher with the followring command:
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dosbox '/home/binarysoul/Games/aGame/linux/install/game.exe'  -exit -conf '/home/binarysoul/Spiele/aGame/linux/conf/settings.conf'

but with relative paths, starting from /aGame/GameLauncher, That just works, if i walk the path to the gamefolder manually in console (cd Games, cd aGame ...)

how could i make a launcher, that start "dosbox" in the place, where the launcher is placed?
so that i can use relative paths like this:

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dosbox '../install/game.exe'  -exit -conf '../conf/settings.conf'

(if i do so, it does not work and dosbox uses the default configuration file.)

what i need is a icon for doubleclick, that makes:
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cd Games
cd aGame
dosbox '../install/game.exe'  -exit -conf '../conf/settings.conf'
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