No ACPI, no Battery options

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No ACPI, no Battery options

Postby DeepBlue on Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:44 am

Hi all,

I'm on an HP tm2-1000 laptop, running Mint 15 with MATE. In order to boot, I've had to add acpi=off to the boot options. I'd love to have some battery level warnings, status, and/or basically any behavior other than just siletly using up the battery and dying, but there are no battery related options in the power menu (the entire "battery" tab is gone). It seems like acpi=off might be the problem, but I don't think I can boot any other way. So my question is, are there workarounds for battery info without acpi? Are there ways that I could maybe get acpi to load after boot? Are there other explanations for the missing battery stuff, other than acpi=off?

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