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4K video

Postby homerscousin on Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:02 pm

Has anyone tried playing a 4k video on your system yet? I did not know you-tube had a boatload of these vids available, until yesterday. I tried a couple last night and today, more to see how my system would handle it than anything else. Example: I played a vid titled '4 K Palm Beach' an auto racing video recorded at 120 frames per second, around 3 minutes. First, I could not see a difference from 1080p, probably because my monitor is only capable of 1080, Doh! Here are the differences: cpu use at 1080p- 20% idle speed 1.6 ghz. cpu use at 4k- 50% , more blips to higher frequency. Download speed at 1080p- maybe 500KB average- easy to keep up with. Download speed at 4k- 1.5 MB/sec and up. Download could not keep up with the playback even when I was hitting almost 4 MB/sec. Very initial conclusion: Ivy Bridge and HD4000 will play 4k quite easily. I'm guessing around 6k will be tops at stock settings or without a discrete graphics card. Try it guys!
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