Installing LMDE on Intel 'fakeraid'?

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Installing LMDE on Intel 'fakeraid'?

Postby craftyguy on Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:11 pm

I've not been successful in completing installation LMDE on an Intel 'fakeraid' array. I am able to install mdadm and start the array just fine, and have used the installer to blast rootfs to the array, however Grub2 installation fails completely since it cannot determine what filesystem my /boot device (/dev/md126p3) is.

Ok, so I'll try dmraid.. installed fine, 'dmraid -r' lists the devices in the array, however:

# dmraid -ay
ERROR: device-mapper target type "raid45" is not in the kernel
RAID set "isw_bghccaffi_Volume0" was not activated
# modprobe raid45
FATAL: Module raid45 not found

I even tried booting the LMDE live disk using "dmraid=true" in hopes that someone at LM had enough thought to compile support in the kernel, alas that is not the case.
What's even more frustrating is that the Ubuntu-based LM releases WORK. I grew fed up with "upgrading" the LM releases so I thought I'd give LMDE a shot.

Has anyone gotten LMDE to play nice with fakeraid??
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