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Need a screen/Desktop recorder

Postby kriss332 on Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:41 am

Hello to all,
I have switched to Linux Mint 14 from windows few months back. What I need is a good screen/Desktop recorder for Mint. I know Recordmydesktop is a good one, but I don't want to use it right now for my mini notebook (intel atom processor, 1 GB RAM). Because it takes a huge time in saving the video after you press ctrl+c. Moreover it makes very huge sized videos. I need a tool that would create videos of my online video sessions including the streaming voice coming from other side. I was using Webex on windows & it was excellent. It would keep recording & simultaneously would keep saving it, it used to create clear video with a low size in MB. While recordmydesktop will create 8 times bigger video in size. I tried Kazam, Istanbul, Recorditnow as well. But each starts behaving in unusual way, basically didn't suite me(moreover how do i remove the packages completely to free whole memory that was used in installation). I tried to install Webex recorder, Zdsoft recorder using Wine. But Webex doesn't start after installation and Zdsoft doesn't eve get installed. Could anyone help me run Webex through wine? It is a great tool (even records the streaming audio without speakers).
Could anyone advice about a good recorder. My requirements are:
1. Record video with my voice.
2. Record video of a video session with the voice being recorded from the 3.5 mm jack (I guess it is called so).
3. I shouldn't be forced to record the other person's voice from the speakers, but it should grab the voice from the 3.5 mm feed.
4. Encoding should happen while capturing. Or atleast I should be able to pause the recording and encode afterwards, when I awake my laptop back from sleep mode.
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