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BaCon 32bit packages

Postby bigbass on Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:44 pm

A very nice Job you guys /gals did with mint!

I am a new Linux mint 32 bit user
(a long time slacker though)
offering pre compiled packages to get started coding in BaCon
since some may stumble getting a development enviornment set up quickly
the packages are provided below (I compiled these on linux mint 15 and tested them)
to be working


Stable 32 bit packages for mint 15

Explains what BaCon is
P.S the author of BaCon is a 64 bit Mint user :D

***OFFICIAL MAIN BaCon page***

The forum if you need any help a lot of code there also

(I also tested and wrote the examples code here below )
code examples to code in BaCon
More examples for HUG

More examples for PROTO
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