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Postby walpole on Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:39 am


I am trying to install via mint4win (linux mint 14.1 mate DVD 64-bit) on my Dell XPS M1330 which is running Windows 7 64-bit.

I extracted the contents of the Linux Mint ISO to a folder and ran the mint4win program. I was asked to choose a password etc and then get the following window.
linux.PNG (13.62 KiB) Viewed 3814 times

This then simply disappears. I restart the laptop and it just boots straight into Windows, no boot select menu or anything. Yet "Linux Mint" appears on my list of installed programs in the "uninstall programs" part of Control Panel.

I've downloaded various copies of LM 14.1 and also tried mint4win with LM 13. Does anybody have any advice on how to get mint4win working?

Thanks. :)
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Re: mint4win

Postby Big Cozzie Boy on Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:48 pm

I had this problem when trying to install Mint 14 in Windows on my HP DV6 Laptop. The following process worked for me: Burn the ISO to disc. Open the disc with your file manager and right click on mint4win.exe and run as administrator. The install procedure should work and the install go according to plan. After install completes-restart your PC and let Mint continue to finalise the installation. The install Mint icon should be on your screen. Click on this icon and perform a standard install of Mint. After this is completed you will have fully functioning and persistent installation of Mint. Good Luck. Let me know if it works for you as it did for me..
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Re: mint4win

Postby dbenzhuser on Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:31 pm

Found this entry while searching for a solution for the problem. I could not find the correct answer somewhere else, so I just post it here, despite the post being two months old.

mint4win can not handle to be started from anywhere else than from the root of a partition/disk. Just silently crashes/ends itself.

This happens when the iso is not burned to a disk (why would anybody do that and then use mint4win??) but is extracted to a directory. Or when the iso is double clicked on Windows 8 which then goes on to mount it into a folder. A rather common case if you ask me ...

Solution: Copy the content of the iso to the root of an empty(!) partition or USB device and start it from there. If there is something else than the content of the iso, mint4win tries to install all that too ...
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Re: mint4win

Postby JRG on Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:33 pm

Here's a link that explains about installing Linux Mint under Windows 7 without needing to burn a DVD or do any other odd things. Just watch out for references to 32-bit and 64-bit — keep things consistent (if you have installed a 64-bit version of win7, then do everything using 64-bit, despite what the article says). It worked first time for me (I installed Linux Mint 15).
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Re: mint4win

Postby karlchen on Wed Oct 16, 2013 6:40 pm

Here is a really detailled tutorial video which explains how to download and install Linux Mint 13 32-bit on a Windows 7 machine with the help of mint4win: Install Linux Mint inside of Windows 7.
Of course, the same steps can be used to download and install Mint 14 or Mint 15 64-bit on a Windows 7 64-bit machine with the help of mint4win.
By the way, the video shows how to uninstall a mint4win Mint installation, too.

Oh well, there is more way than just one that leads you to Rome. :wink:
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