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by matthewls
Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:13 pm
Forum: Cinnamon
Topic: screen artefacts
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vmware unity sessions in cinnamon 1.6 vs mate 1.4

I use Mint 13 LTS 64 bit (all updates) to host windows 7 vmware sessions. I've been using Mate 1.4 and vmware unity sessions work well--not perfectly but well. I also use compiz and emerald. (In this configuration Thunderbird and Firefox occasionally lose their title bars--not a show stopper, but an...
by matthewls
Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:27 am
Forum: Graphics Cards & Monitors
Topic: How to install the Nvidia proprietary drivers in LinuxMint
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NVidia 313.18 drivers and kernel 3.7.6

It took a while, but I finally learned how to get the latest NV drivers installed working with the latest kernel. So, in case anyone else wants to do this, here's the trick. (the same driver installed well and works fine on k3.7.5). With the 3.7.6 kernel the nvidia installer fails. The reason it fai...

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