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by Jester-x
Tue Nov 19, 2013 11:31 am
Forum: Hardware Support
Topic: Laptop shutting itself off
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Re: Laptop shutting itself off

There are many reasons why a machine would show the behaviour you described: defective RAM, HDD, or "just" software issues. More often than not, however, it's caused by degraded thermal paste or dusty/defective vents that cause your machine to overheat. If the temperature gets critical, the BIOS wil...
by Jester-x
Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:35 pm
Forum: Hardware Support
Topic: Suspend / Hibernate do not work / immediately resume
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Suspend / Hibernate do not work / immediately resume

Hello there! I have recently installed LM 15 x64 (dual-boot with Win7 where LM has its own partition, i.e. there's no Windows installer for Linux involved). It's the first time I have Linux running on this machine and it's doing fine so far, alas, the suspend and hibernate functionality does not see...

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