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by ddeo
Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:28 am
Forum: Cinnamon
Topic: [SOLVED in 17.3] Laggy window controls (Cinnamon + NVIDIA)
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Re: [SOLVED in 17.3] Laggy window controls (Cinnamon + NVIDI

Since update to 17.3 and Cinnamon I started seriously thinking about switching DE, I love how Cinnamon works and looks but it is horribly laggy right now. Tried both open source and propietary drivers for AMD, window manager (mutter/muffin) is laggy after using Cinnamon for some time. CTRL + ALT + E...
by ddeo
Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:14 pm
Forum: Artwork
Topic: New Linux Mint graphical profile?
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Re: New Linux Mint graphical profile?

Great logo (right one as it more look like leaf of mint), I would love to see it went as official. I also like the idea about having just simple "Mint" as a OS name. There is not only Ubuntu who doesn't use "Linux" but also SteamOS, Debian, elementaryOS, openSUSE and others. I've seen statement rece...
by ddeo
Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:31 am
Forum: Cinnamon
Topic: Cinnamon Power Settings Ignored
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Re: Cinnamon Power Settings Ignored

Have You managed to fix the problem? I have the same issue.

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