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by WikiSteve
Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:38 pm
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Topic: Terminal background picture
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Re: Terminal background picture

Cinnamon uses Gnome Terminal. On 18.x that doesn't support setting a background image. A few terminal emulators that support setting a background image and that you can find in the software repositories: - xfce4-terminal - terminator There are also some that are not in the software repositories but...
by WikiSteve
Fri Jul 15, 2016 4:24 pm
Forum: Software & Applications
Topic: gnome-terminal profiles migration to LM 18
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Background image to GNOME Terminal

On a related note to the GNOME Terminal, in all previous versions of terminal a background image was supported. Like the OP above I have a profile that I like, but mostly for the background image which cannot be set in LM 18.

Any idea(s) folks?

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