GF6600GT recognized as 6800XT (possibility of damage?)

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GF6600GT recognized as 6800XT (possibility of damage?)

Postby phrgarek » Wed Mar 12, 2008 1:47 pm

ok, i'll try to be short...i installed Daryna 4.0 KDE CE, also installed nvidia drivers for my Gigabyte GF6600GT silent pipe...i started installation through Envy system, and after i chose automaticaly setting configuration...restarted machine, and on the next boot everything worked awesome, i had normal refresh rate, resolution, all fine. But, when i checked the settings for graphic card in system settings-->peripherals, as default my graphic card is recognized and set as GF6800XT, but in nvidia settings as correct 6600GT, so i'm wondering, i dunno, according to fine display configuration(refresh rate, resolution), i have no other graphic problems, maybe those two cards has some commonly characteristics, and 6600 share same configuration... but, when i set conf. for card as nvidia 6 series in settings, on next boot, i loose 3D acceleration, yeah! so my question is, if i leave this alone, settings as 6800XT, could this damage graphic card??

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Re: GF6600GT recognized as 6800XT (possibility of damage?)

Postby Husse » Wed Mar 12, 2008 5:47 pm

No it won't damage your card as long as you run it within it's limits and this is just "giving names" - it does not affect anything I think
Interesting I have a 6600GT too (but Gainward). In peripherals it is nv, but in nvidia settings it's 6600GT as well as in xorg.conf
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