I wanna use win key as I did in windows.

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I wanna use win key as I did in windows.

Postby thkang » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:04 pm

My laptop and pretty much every keyboard I can find has a key called win key which is located between left control and left alt.

I recently migrated to KDE mint 13. I often press win key to pop up start menu (is it called launch menu in KDE? I dont really know) to run new programs, and do etc.

However in KDE I can't find any setting or customization to do this. I checked keyboard and shortcut settings, and their is no menu entry for start menu. moreover, the settings program won't let me use start key itself as a shortcut - pressing it envokes 'Meta + ' entry, which I understood as it is only possible to use it in combinations.

Using xev my win key gives keycode 133.

Any help?
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Re: I wanna use win key as I did in windows.

Postby BostonPeng » Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:56 am

You can right click on the start menu button and select Settings. That should give you a dialog with an option labeled Keyboard Shortcut. Simply click on the button that shows the current setting and you can press the key combination you want to use to open the menu, but it won't let you use just the Windows key (Linux calls it the Meta key) so you'll have to select the key and something else. Once you have set the combination you want just click OK and you'll be able to use the key combination to open the menu.

I'm not sure what you're using for the start menu since I'm pretty sure I changed mine to the Application Launcher but whatever you use the right-click menu will show something like Application Launcher Settings... This is the option you want to use to key the shortcut.
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