Linux Mint 15 on X61T

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Linux Mint 15 on X61T

Postby temetka » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:53 pm

Hello all,

So I have Windows 7 and Linux Mint 15 KDE up and running in a nice dual boot configuration. What I need help with are the tablet specific actions. I have no problem getting down and dirt with the command line. If I need to install packages or setup ACPI trigger events, I can do that (with a guide of course).

My pen works as a mouse, so the system sees my Wacom tablet (which is a serial tablet) and then pen click and rights clicks and erases. Cool.

What doesn't work.

Screen rotation, tablet buttons on the LCD for rotating the screen 90 degrees. Meaning that if I rotate the screen, nothing happens. If I use the tablet button on the LCD bezel nothing happens. I understand that these are ACPI events. I would like the behaviour to mimick Windows. When I rotate the screen in windows it rotates. If I rotate the screen back so I can be in laptop mode it roates and orients the screen properly. If I push the rotate screen button in Windows, each press rotates the screen 90 degrees. It goes without saying that the Wacom driver in Linux should recognize that the screen has rotated and re-orient the screen so that if I move the mouse it move correctly and the pen also tracks accurately.

Second issue. Since this a tablet and I use it in tablet mode 90% of the time in Windows, there should be no reason that in 2013 I cannot expect the same behaviour from Linux. So what I want is to have a virtual keyboard appear on the login screen so I can boot up in tablet mode and login using my pen without having to rotate the screen to laptop mode and use the keyboard.

If it helps, I do have CellWriter installed. I have also checked a few guides online, but they are all targeted at older versions of Ubuntu (mainly 8.10 and 10.04), I haven't found anything targeted at newer versions of Linux. Even the Thinkwiki page guide for setting this up is very outdated.

So if anyone out there knows of an updated guide to help me get my tablet functioning in the correct manner, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Re: Linux Mint 15 on X61T

Postby Favux » Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:39 am

Hi temetka,

The Rotation HOW TO tells you how to accomplish most of what you are asking for: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=110395

Guess I need to update Magick Rotation for Mint 15/Raring Ringtail:

There is some accesibility setting that turns on the onscreen keyboard for login. I had a mini HOW TO on that but I'm sure it no longer applies given all the changes.

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