Mint 15 KDE feels fantastic after Windows 7

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Mint 15 KDE feels fantastic after Windows 7

Postby prexis » Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:12 am

Hello everyone. Just a little happy panda here.
A few days ago I've switched to Win7, as I thought, for the eternity. It got very frustrating with Mint 15 Mate, to which I updated maybe a month ago after sticking for a while with 13 KDE. Cluttered menus, mess with icon style in apps, not-hiding auto-hide taskbar (which by the way has to stay tiny or it will mess up the system tray icons), drivers that used to work in 13 but don't here for some reason, kde apps can't use oxygen style and so on. As I was unable to play some games through wine (which I was able to do in 13 however) due to driver issues and tired of constant war with the system and regular terminal digging, I threw Linux out of the window when Libreoffice crashed and took big chunk of my unfinished work with it. Autosave was just taking a nap I suppose. So I installed Windows 7 after 4 years of Linux... And it was unbearable.
Honestly, besides complex games like Arma 2 or HOI3 (I don't care about AAA titles to be honest) and specialized software (for me that's only M.Office, since I don't have printer and have to print elsewhere, and Libreoffice often gets nasty with formatting, ruining paragraph structure and bibliography), I can't see a single reason to use Windows anymore. I guess I'm just getting older and want my system to be as open and cozy as possible, while keeping persistence in functionality and performance. So when I saw those fonts, fixed taskbar items, uncustomizable menus, inability to do something as simple as moving buttons to the left, IE, Firefox with system-colored titlebar instead of my old white theme, plastic feel to everything; when I had to download a ton of installers instead of typing a few lines in Semantic, when Avast started installing Chrome and some crappy "fix your system for 5 dollars" malware, when I saw system load on 900 MB (while on Linux it was 300), no Kate- or Okular- like programs, no real themes to make work comfortable, MS Office design (oh those buttons!), nothing like global shortcuts and gestures, stupid transparency everywhere... I felt like I've been thrown either in prison or elementary school playground. After couple of hours messing around, I typed in "" and fired up Mtorrent. Downloaded Lili, wrote image on USB stick...
And here I am! Linus Mint 15 KDE is simply fantastic! Drivers work, font rendering works (fonts are so much better than in Win7!), wine handles EU4 just fine, auto-hide actually hides something, sys tray is beautiful, after an hour everything is working like it should and feels like an old nice villa, to which you've just moved from a town apartment. The most important thing is feel of control. And such a pleasure after messing with all those installers to open terminal and type "sudo apt-get install..."
I would like to thank everyone in the development team and community for their work and devotion to this amazing OS. How can something free of charge be 5 times better than OS made by huge corporation? I don't know. But that's a fact. Thank you all very much. I'm of course not a geek or some programmer, and I don't like to configure everything by hand. Just an ordinary user who simply needs his work to be done, and preferable in comfort. Thank you.
P.S. Sorry for my English.

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Re: Mint 15 KDE feels fantastic after Windows 7

Postby anandrkris » Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:36 am

Welcome back to KDE. Keep the Desktop Elegant. :mrgreen:
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Re: Mint 15 KDE feels fantastic after Windows 7

Postby groenator » Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:35 pm

I only browse through your post, but honestly I wouldn't change from Mint to Windows, even if the Linux distro is not working properly. But lucky I can see you have come back.... Well done...:)

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