LM 16 KDE 32bit in VirtualBox

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LM 16 KDE 32bit in VirtualBox

Postby mlippert » Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:17 pm

I just thought this might help someone else.

When creating the VirtualBox machine for Linux Mint 16 you can either have
Type: Linux, Version: Ubuntu
Type: Linux, Version: Linux 2.6/3.x

I couldn't find any documentation on what selecting Version: Ubuntu did for you, so I just selected Version: Linux 2.6/3.x

Then I tried loading the Linux Mint 16 KDE 32bit iso. And it hung. When I finally tried compatibility mode, I got an error about PAE. I hadn't realized this, but that is a setting for the VirtualBox VM under System|Processor tab there is a checkbox Enable PAE/NX.

It turns out that if you select Version: Ubuntu, this checkbox is checked for you, if you select Linux 2.6/3.x you need to check it yourself in order for the 32bit version of Linux Mint to run.

I do remember seeing something about PAE in the release notes, I just didn't really know what it meant, or how it might affect me.

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Re: LM 16 KDE 32bit in VirtualBox

Postby AE2100A » Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:01 am

Thanks milppert for taking time to post to the forum. I found it and needed it. My Linux Mint 16 KDE 32bit iso was hanging also. Enabling PAE/NX allowed it not to hang.

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