KDE ksysinfo for Mint 6 & 7 KDE 4.2 (working)!!!

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Re: KDE ksysinfo for Mint 6 & 7 KDE 4.2 (working)!!!

Postby WildSioux » Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:09 am

merlwiz79 wrote:New package again.(In Gloria's Community Repo)
Edited some code to get System for OS info.
Here is what it looks like on KDE CE 7 dev 051.

Thanks merlwiz79! What do you think about making the blue mint logo at the top a little bit bigger and less transparent (lighter) as well as the text to see it better? At least light on both since the logo fits well.

Also, is it possible to link the "Display" icon or information to your driver settings dialog? For example, clicking on the monitor icon would open nvidia-settings...

BTW...this sysinfo that is in the repo has a funky kubuntu background at the top.

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