mintInstall and Spotify

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mintInstall and Spotify

Postby longlivethebestos » Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:25 am

I am now running the latest and final release of Linux mint KDE CE. I can now say it it so much better stability and performance and is just an amazing distro. Thanks to all who made this possible and keep up the good work!!!

One thing I have to criticise is mintInstall 5.3.6, it sometimes installs a program and then is no where to be found in the menu. I think this is down to the fact that I might be installing Gnome only software on KDE and it not being compatable or maybe a bug in the menu but this is quit anoying, if you could fix this that would be great!.

Other wise the only other thing I would add about mintInstall is that it gets something added called: Spotify. What is Spotify? Spotify is a program that streams any music track you like for FREE!!! The only catch is that you have to sign up for a Spotify account, plus one or two NON-Popup adds in the program. The ultimate thing is that the music companies are on board as well!! If your liking a song that your streaming you can buy it! Its a windows program that has full compatibility in wine as I have tested and as they say on their website!

I know if I want to install Miro from mintInstall is installs wine and so this can be done as well, please go and try it to decide what you think!!! Its so good. If you don't like the very few ads you can pay per month at very little cost! Just install after installing latest version of wine, login and start searching for your fav music. You can add them to a play list and enjoy for ever!!

Here is a download link:

Here is their website:

Keep up the great work with the KDE edition, hopefully I can buy Linux mint KDE from on-disk soon and reward you guys for what a great job you've done. Please go and check out Spotify! :D

Note: the music may start playing after attempting to play a couple of tracks

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Re: mintInstall and Spotify

Postby Boo » Thu Apr 09, 2009 6:44 pm

The menu items not appearing can be a KDE refresh problem.
some times you have to log out and in again to see it.
also if the gnome app has a desktop file with a NotShowIn=kde option then it will not appear in the kde menu.

Now where was i going? Oh yes, crazy!

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