KDE 4 is not working!

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KDE 4 is not working!

Postby ario » Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:25 pm

I recently installed Linux mint 6 KDE edition.
First of all I have all players muted and could not hear any sound from all my movie and music. I discovered that PCM volume is zero by default. It solved. I raised PCM volume in kmix.

Second I could not uncompress any bz2 files. Arc crashed every time I tried. I searched for any solution but they told me that this is a bug and solved in kubuntu. But not in my mint linux. even after update my system.

3rd I could not created any archive in tar or zip or bz2. Arc crashed every time I tried to enter the name of file.

4th KWin crashed every time I brought my system up. For no good reason. It makes my screen ugly with many thick black lines. I think it must be another bug too.

5th. Screen edge shortcuts for compiz kde (KWin) effects sometimes worked sometimes not. I mean I hold mouse cursor for example on top edge of screen to see my windows near each other but nothing happens. another time, It worked. One more time again? It doesn't work!

6th. My clock was one hour late (I've forgotten to say sorry for my bad english:D). I tried to adjust it but no success. even by running systemsettings as root. Peaple told me its a bug in KDE again. Oh! Bugs... bugs... bugs... oh my God.

7th and finally. I was sad. Pretty angry! :oops:
tonight I decided to edit some photo in gimp image editor. I selected a piece of my photo and hold down shift key to... you say enlarge it. suddenly my computer internal speaker beeps and a prompt comes on screen asking do you want to enable shift keys or something like this. I selected no. And then found that my keyboard is not working anymore!!!
The numlock was on and I could not turn it off. no other keys was working.
I tried to search it in google! But man! My keyboard, the heart of my PC was died! :D Tried to restart my PC and suddenly GIMP prompts me do you want to save your work? I selected yes. Then she asked me for the name of file. And you know? I did not knew how to enter the name of file :( My system continued to restart and maybe I've lost my file.

After restart I did not come back to my mint linux any more :oops:

I like KDE but I think its not working guys. It has thousend of bugs in it. I think it may take 4 or 5 or even 6 years from now to make KDE working true(Sorry I won't make you hopeless. Maybe I'm just angry :) ). But for now I came back to my Ubuntu 8.10.
Thank you linux mint team. Good job. I know your working hard there. I wish I could help you in developing your great idea to growing the community of linux.
Sorry for this too long web-log like post.
And again sorry for my bad english :D
PS: Do you guys have these problems with "Mint 6 KDE" like me? Please let me know of your expriences. Thanks.

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Re: KDE 4 is not working!

Postby Boo » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:56 pm

Thanks for the input.
enabling the ppa repo and updating is the best update/fix that can be done. this will take you to KDE 4.2.2.

the keyboard is a new problem i have not seen before.

Now where was i going? Oh yes, crazy!

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