Performance of Gloria KDE on eeePC 1000H

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Re: Performance of Gloria KDE on eeePC 1000H

Post by DrHu » ... nt-di.html
--Avahi; one item most people don't actually need.
Remove stuff (applications ) you don't use
--for example, if you don't have any bluetooth devices, you don't need bluetooth
Install rcconf and check what is run at boot, you will have to check the names for the daemons/services that are being started to decide if you don't need them, you do have to be careful(sure) of what you turn off, however most of the time, even if it stops the system responding for that reason, you can simply re-enable that service via sudo rcconf in a login terminal.; and if the application is still installed, the service may restart by itself, simply as the application still exists on the system
--it is also true that most services/daemons do not use a lot of system resources, so in that case it is more of a fine-tuning than any larger cleanup
--I would also check what is started automatically for that desktop, and decide whether or to to include it..
I would also install a cleanup facility, like bleachbit to clear cache, history, tmp and some other files that accumulate
--you might also wish to take a look at how much logging , files appear in /var/log that the system is doing..

I am basing this on the Gnome desktop, but there may be some equivalents for Kde..
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Re: Performance of Gloria KDE on eeePC 1000H

Post by cedric »

Hi Coxeroni

Can't say how I'm so grateful about your post ... I've got one eeebox 202 and since I've done your advice it's really amazing !

Now with the brand new opera 10 I don't recognize my little computer, it's really enjoyable, faster, really incredible !!!

Thank's a lot !

This advice should part of a wiki somewhere I think ;-)
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