Tried GNOME , KDE ... looks like its back to Windows

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Re: Tried GNOME , KDE ... looks like its back to Windows

Postby BrianD » Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:01 pm

vortexmak wrote:Comparing to Windows XP is not really fair since its a very old OS, Linux on the other hand gets updated quite frequently. You would'nt have needed any drivers if you had used Windows 7.

...actually it is fair, given that the hardware platform is (by your measure) also very old -- a Dell Latitude D400 laptop, complete with a sticker proclaiming "Designed for Microsoft Windows XP". I think it is imminently fair to compare the latest possible Windows XP installation disk (SP2) on this laptop to Linux Mint. A basic installation of XP-SP2 failed to support 99% of the core functionality of the laptop (despite the sticker!), while a basic installation of Linux Mint supported all of the hardware without the need to install any extra drivers.

Windows 7 ?? Well, that would have been an unfair comparison, as I doubt Win7 would run very efficiently on that laptop. ...and, I doubt the hardware would be any better supported under Win7 than WinXP. Moot point, anyway, as I don't plan on spending any money or time trying out the latest Microsoft attempt at an operating system.
need I say more??

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