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Postby jbaerbock » Wed Jan 16, 2008 7:44 pm

akshunj wrote:
Boo wrote:Progress report.

so far i have converted mintDisk and mintAssistant to install and work with mint KDE.


Boo, I think you've got a unique opportunity coming up here with Daryna. Kubuntu sucks. Seriously. And there are only a few KDE-based distros that are alive and kicking. Suse is becoming desktop agnostic (given it's Novell/Gnome roots, I think this will change), and that really just leaves PCLinuxOS and Mepis. Check out this article about Kubuntu and why it's a disappointment.

A tight release with Mint customizations would really set Mint apart from all of it's competitors. A bit of advice: Please don't be slavish to KDE apps. I don't mean to imply that you have done this, since you obviously included Firefox and Open Office in the previous release. But just keep in mind that sometimes the right tool for the job may be a GTK2 app. Or a QT app.

What can *we* as a supportive community do?

--Akshun J

Looked like a lot of hot air as far as the article was concerned. Art work, who cares since most of us customize our desktop right off the bat. Speed (I Find it faster than normal Ubuntu). In general Kubuntu is just as good a KDE distro as it gets. PCLOS has more bugs and glitches in it than I have ever found in Kubuntu and not to mention all "their" tools they just re-skinned from Mandriva's tools.

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