AMD-ATI Catalyst + 4 monitors in SurroundView

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AMD-ATI Catalyst + 4 monitors in SurroundView

Postby kjdixo » Thu Mar 11, 2010 4:59 pm

Preamble . . .
I had been holding out for as long as possible with Intrepid 8.10 (Xubuntu 8.10 and/or Mint Felicia 6 XFCE CE). They had XFCE 4.4 instead of XFCE 4.6.
With XFCE 4.4 it was possible to easily modify the XFCE right click menu (not possible in XFCE 4.6) as I described last year in - Write XFCE desktop menus "on the fly"

Today I was so impressed with Helena XFCE that I will now forego my right click menu (for the time being).

Multi Monitor . . .
From September 2009 I especially enjoyed running triple and quad monitors on my AMD/ATI hardware.
It took quite a lot of research and experimentation for me to achieve the 'perfect configuration'.
This is partly revealed in my (kjdixo) posts of September 2009 on the - AMD/ATI Phoronix forums.
Catalyst 9.6 + 3 monitors in SurroundView

With Intrepid support soon running out in April 2010, it was decision time.

I downloaded Linux Mint Helena XFCE CE, 'distro-hopped' for 3 days, then happily installed Linux Mint Helena XFCE CE.
There are many improvements I can immediately see with this new distro, here is one:

I looked in Synaptic package manager and found that amdcccle ATI Catalyst driver software was already installed.
An hour after that and I was 'back in business' with 3 monitors and ATI Surround View.

My Sapphire Pure Hybrid Crossfire PI-AM2RS780G (780G chipset) works perfectly with an HD3450 in this setup, all sockets are functional, motherboard and plugin card.
The onboard graphics chipset and plugin graphics chipset need to be from the same series, so be sure to check all the details from the manufacturers of both boards.

I won't repeat all the technical stuff as it is in my Phoronix posts.
The motherboard and graphics card were both budget range (last year) and are reviewed on the WWW (so you will know what to expect).
The point being, is that in this version of Mint, setting up multi screen graphics with ATI is quite easy if you have the right hardware.
I am very happy with the new Mint XFCE Distro, thanks to everyone who worked on it.
Kevin Dixon

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Re: AMD-ATI Catalyst + 4 monitors in SurroundView

Postby Aging Technogeek » Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:08 am

Glad everything is working so well. Merlwiz79 did a great job on the latest XFCE CE version.
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