Install and uninstall the XFCE meta package?

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Install and uninstall the XFCE meta package?

Postby mikhou » Wed May 19, 2010 8:37 am

Many thanks to vrkala and to MALsPA for their comments on another post, but I wanted to see if anybody else could help answer this. I want to try out XFCE, and I'd like to just add the XFCE meta package to my Gnome installation. However, if I find later that I would prefer to stick with Gnome, can I just uninstall the meta package and get back to my original Gnome install? Thanks.


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Re: Install and uninstall the XFCE meta package?

Postby joec » Wed May 19, 2010 8:47 pm

yes. i have done this with Mint 7 in the past.

there might be a config file or two left behind but they won't affect anything.

it isn't necessary unless you are worried about hard disk space.

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Re: Install and uninstall the XFCE meta package?

Postby vrkalak » Wed May 19, 2010 10:23 pm

You can install the Xfce Package over your Gnome desktop, then choose which to 'open' at the Log-in.

If you decide you don't like Xfce ... then never click into the Xfce session/desktop again. It won't harm anything, if it stays there.

I've done this before, and have never experienced any problems.
You don't have to 'remove' the Xfce Package is you don't like it ... just leave it alone.
Your original Gnome desktop, will not be changed ... everything in Gnome remains the same.

BUT ... you will love the Xfce Desktop Environment so much better than Gnome. Everybody does. :P

Checkout some of the other Linux Distros with Xfce as default. While you're waiting for Mint-9 Xfce CE to be released.
I have downloaded, installed and tested every Distro that uses Xfce, over my time in Linux ... Mint is one of the best.
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