LMDE XFCE repos?

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Re: LMDE XFCE repos?

Post by zerozero »

just a small warning :wink: with the 201109 iso it's necessary to change the repos: multimedia and security are not mirrored in the default sources.list shipped with the iso and they should be changed, before applying UP3, to the mint repo:
This release comes with Update Pack 2 and points to the “Linux Mint Debian Latest” repository as well as the Debian “Security” and “Multimedia” repositories.

Starting with Update Pack 3, “Security” and “Multimedia” become part of “Linux Mint Debian Latest”. When Update Pack 3 is made available, your sources will need to change and all of them will then point at Linux Mint. In the meantime, it is recommended not to apply updates coming from “Security” and “Multimedia”, as they might not be compatible with the packages in Update Pack 2.

if you don't do this and apply all the updates you might face dependency issues, specially with multimedia, in the future.

[ bliss of ignorance ]

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Re: LMDE XFCE repos?

Post by Chris M »

Thanks for that, zz. I've never switched to the Linux Mint Debian Latest repo structure, so I overlooked that.

It's a damn good warning for those who do not want to move away from the Mint standard Latest repo scheme/move to the "pure" Debian Testing repo scheme.

Just to be clear for all of the new folks trying to figure this out, I've spent the bulk of this thread talking about changing the 201109 ISO repo scheme from the Mint standard Latest to a truly rolling Debian Testing scheme.

If you want to stay with the current Mint Latest repo scheme, you'll have to take zerozero's post into account.

Chris M
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Re: LMDE XFCE repos?

Post by Chris M »

Chris M wrote:Edited
ej64 wrote:
sanda wrote: doesn't ameliorate the confusing "rolling, but update packs and, oh, change your repos" status quo.
That's why I said:
I think what's missing most atm is an updated LMDE point release without the need to edit sources and update first this and later that.
I just did a 32-bit fresh install of the latest LM XFCE changing the repos to Testing. It's 4 AM, so I'll post more tomorrow. I'm on the machine now, and it was a total success.

No doubt that a new release/spin would be great, but I think the latest was kicked out on 09/16/11, so I wouldn't expect anything in the near future.

And I want to clear up one point. All of my posts have been about changing the repos to go with the old Testing scheme. That's a bit tricky, but definitely do-able, and the beauty of that is you can keep rolling along in testing (every day).

But there should be no confusion. Officially, at this moment and until further notice, the old ("pure") Testing repo scheme is old...

For the latest Mint XFCE ISO, the repos are set for (Mint scheme) "Latest". Changing repos was my great idea. It is not suggested by clem/Mint. So the comment that it's rolling with update packs is correct. That's not (or should not be) confusing. It's kind of like the way MS offers monthly patches.

If I've confused anyone in suggesting the *need* to change repos, that was not the intent. Changing repos to go with the old Testing (or unstable/SID) is a personal decision. It is not suggested or supported by clem/Mint.

Updated Post

OK. Again, you do not have to do the following. If you have installed the latest 09/11 ISO, you can maintain your repos (Mint scheme Latest), and simply wait for the 4th update package to be released. But if you want to go to Debian Testing repos and roll along on a daily basis with Debian, do as I've suggested above. If you're using the 32-bit version and your hardware can handle it, after the install, you'll want to 1) change your repos, 2) go into synaptic and Reload, and 3) install the latest 686-pae kernel. As of this writing, here's what needs to be installed, kernel-wise:


Then re-boot into the new kernel.

Then do a safe update and upgrade in terminal: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Be prepared for a lengthy update and upgrade process. When it's done, I would re-boot into the new kernel again.

If any packages are held back, temporarily comment out the Mint repo, reload in synaptic, and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade again:

Code: Select all

# deb http://packages.linuxmint.com/ debian main upstream import
deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian testing main contrib non-free
deb http://security.debian.org/ testing/updates main contrib non-free
deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org testing main non-free
I had xorg updates held back that required the temporary suspension of the Mint repo. After I updated and upgraded, I re-established the Mint repo and was good to go.

Again, this repo changing to the old Testing scheme is not going to be for everyone, and is not supported by Mint. But it worked perfectly for me today with LM XFCE Debian (09/11 ISO).

Good luck to all who give this a go.
In case this helped anyone who wants to move to a straight Debian Testing repo structure (away from the Mint Update Packs structure - and UP 4 is almost ready), I left out one file that should be included if you're going with the 686-PAE (32-bit) kernel.

As of this writing, you want the following:


The kernel (number) has advanced, but the main reason for this post is to add the metapackage linux-image-686-pae. Look here for the reason.

Hopefully there will be a re-spin of XFCE in the not too distant future that will make a move to Debian Testing repos much easier.

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Re: LMDE XFCE repos?

Post by ej64 »

Chris M wrote:Just to be clear for all of the new folks trying to figure this out, I've spent the bulk of this thread talking about changing the 201109 ISO repo scheme from the Mint standard Latest to a truly rolling Debian Testing scheme.
Using testing as a rolling release is fine for the time before the freeze but in general it's not suitable for a rolling release. Testing will get a freeze of about 6 month every 2 years (or whatever the release schedule will be). The next feature freeze will happen in June in preparation of Wheezy's release (approx. Jan 2013).

If you want it "truly rolling" there's no way but sid.

On the other hand using LMDE's latest repos is quite a nice alternative for people who want it super safe. It's not always bleeding edge but it's tested and mindfully compiled by the Mint developers.

so, what was the point of using testing repos ...? :wink:
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Chris M
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Re: LMDE XFCE repos?

Post by Chris M »

Yes, it’s correct that Testing is not truly rolling, but unless the late cycle freeze creates a lot of breakages, the freeze won’t be an issue for me (and LMDE/LMDX will get the same freeze since they’re based on Testing). The reason is just personal preference. I like Testing, and the UP scheme is a bit slow for my taste. Also, sid will create more breakages than Testing - the Testing Breakages thread has been pretty quiet for a while now.

As far as sid/unstable is concerned, most folks who go sid do so because they really want the latest/bleeding edge desktop environment. Understandable with GNOME 3, but the hardcore KDE guys also seem to want the very latest DE.

XFCE and XFCE users are different. If having a bleeding edge DE was important, users probably wouldn’t be using XFCE in the first place. I know I won’t be changing my repos to get the latest 4.10 when it goes live in sid. I’ll patiently wait for it to filter down to Testing.

Running Testing also has a practical aspect about it. Any issue fixes can apply to Update Packs. LMDE has never been about Unstable.

But the standard UP scheme is the easiest/safest way to go.

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