Regional Communites?

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Regional Communites?

Post by sjmur »

Howdy all,

I had a look through the forums but could not see anything about local/regional communites for Linux Mint. Here in Ireland we have a small number of communites in regard to Linux distros. I've attended the Ubuntu community which are nicely organised and help run the Mozilla community here so I am wondering if Mint Communites exist anywhere at all?

And since Mint is Irish and Clem lives here.. why dont we have a vocal community on this green (and wet) Island?

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Re: Regional Communites?

Post by DrHu »

The big picture from Mint..

And Ireland,

Actual activity level or results will depend directly on user participation
--otherwise it is simply an agrregate for the general Linux Mint community

You may also want to check LUG withingn Ireland, there are probaly more of those available, and you would get a change to talk up Linux Mint, if one is found
--they are moving this site (a lug..)
--maybe a better list, at least for a quick looksee..

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